Sarah Holness
Ultherapy Nurse Specialist

Sarah Holness is a registered nurse with 30 years’ experience primarily in the operating theater as a surgeons assistant and theatre manager. With a career direction change nine years ago and utilising her strong medical skills, Sarah started in aesthetics and was approached to become a specialist trainer of other physicians and medical specialist in facial aesthetics with major pharmaceutical company “Merz Aesthetics”.

Sarah rapidly moved on to head the Clinical specialist training division and also to take on the use and training of Ultherapy, again to other physicians and medical specialists in U.S. Europe and UK.

Sarah is the only trainer for Ultherapy in UK and Ireland and still maintains a role as a consultant to the Merz Company and brings huge experience to Epsom Skin Clinics in the treatment of Ultherapy but also in the consultation procedures on what patients require and what can be realistically achieved. Sarah is an independent prescriber and board member of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.